Rethinking Flyfishing – Skagit

We just have to admit it, leaving politics aside, there is a lot of funky stuff coming over from the USA. Pulsing over the big ocean a rather new “flyfishing- movement” has hit the shores of Europe. An alternative movement which is in the midst of “reinventing” flyfishing or at least how we have perceived flyfishing over the last few decades. Rethinking flytackle and it’s practical use: a never-ending-story 🙂

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Shadow II


Designed by Tim and Team USA’s Pete Erickson, these powerful, moderate- to faster-action “long-light” European-style nymphing rods deliver critical feel and line control with an added bonus: They’ll actually cast a dry fly when you’re feeling dirty.  An optional extra “competition package”  includes two 6″/15cm  extensions that add extra reeeeach without rethreading line, a screw-in fighting butt and counterweight washers that fine-tune balance. Cool

The SHADOW II is available as a 10’0″ / 3,0m #3 weight and a 10’6″ / 3.2m #4 weight, the SH-3100 weights in at appx 3.2oz/91g and the SH-4106 at 3.4oz /96g (excluding competition kit).

Let ’em come …

Available early Spring 2014.

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