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Tom Larimer’s name keeps popping up in connection with Tim Rajeff and AirFlo lines. So who exactly is this guy? Lets let Tom do the talking:

I’ve been a fly fishing guide now for 17 years -I’ve been fortunate enough to work in some incredible destinations during my career. I guided in the Great Lakes and Alaska before settling into Oregon 11 years ago. My home river is the Deschutes. -I guide jet boat camp trips for steelhead in the lower canyon. -I was one of the first “fly fishing only” guides to run a jet boat in this stretch. Outside of my steelhead camps, I also offer day trips for trout in the spring and winter steelhead trips on the Clackamas.

I started working with Tim and the folks at Rajeff Sports about five years ago. Before that, I was building my own lines because nothing on the market cast or fished the way I wanted. My first line with Tim was the Skagit Compact and the rest is history. Since then, I’ve designed the Rage Compact, the Skagit Switch and our most recent line, the Skagit Intermediate. It’s a privilege to be on staff as a designer for Tim. -Plus it’s really fun!



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