MPR – Spey?











An MPR-Spey! You’re kidding … uh uh.  As from now its possible to practice Spey casting indoors; just add the MPR Spey Adaptor to your MPR and your “Single Spey, Snake Roll, and Perry Poke” take on a whole new dynamic.

Interested? If you want one, click here or drop us a mail.



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  • Steven kemp 16/10/2011   Reply →

    Yes indeed! How do I order!!!

    • bff 17/10/2011   Reply →

      Steven, thanks for your interest – I already have them on stock, and they will appear in the shop later today (Monday).

  • Peter Paulini 17/10/2011   Reply →

    Hallo Stuart,

    an einem spey-adapter wäre ich sehr interessiert.

    Tight lines


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