Meet Gary

We are pleased to announce that Gary Bell Gary Bell from Co. Antrim in Ireland has joined our pro-team. Gary who is a  Professional Casting Instructor and Guide with over 30 years of fly fishing and fly tying experience  holds GAIC, APGAI, APGAI-Ireland and AAPGAI certificates in all 3 disciplines namely Salmon (Double-Handed), Trout (Single-Handed) and Fly Dressing. Gary has extensive experience in guiding for Salmon (he worked for 6 years as a full-time Ghillie on one of Ireland’s most famous Salmon beats) , Trout and Pike in both the North and South of Ireland. He is also well known for his Fly Casting and Fly Dressing demonstrations in Ireland and the UK. Gary is looking forward to letting anyone interested in ECHO products having a test run with them at any of the Game fairs or shows that he will be attending.

Its worth having a look at Gary’s web-site , as you can see he not only has exclusive access to some of  best Salmon fishing Northern Ireland has to offer, he can also guide you for Trout, Sea Trout and BIG Pike. You can contact Gary via his web-site.

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Tel: +49 (0)4182 29 13 12