Gohliser Fliegenfischertag – Gohliser Conclave

On Saturday 28th May from 10:00 – 16:00 you will find us in the grounds of the Gohliser Windmill, directly on the Elbe, just a few km’s downstream of the beautiful city of Dresden. You will have the opportunity to play with try out rods from a number of manufacturers including of course ECHO. We will be there with the full range of single and 2handed rods, reels lines and shooting heads, so if you live in the area, or just over the border in nearby Poland or the Czech Republic just drop by for a chat, have some fun trying out rods, watching demos and just hanging out with a beer (or two or three) and “bratwurst” (catering provided for by the staff of the windmill).

The address is:

Gohliser Windmühle
Windmühlenweg 17
01156 Dresden-Gohlis

Looking forward to seeing you there.

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