ECHO Wins the International Open Saltwater Fly Casting Championship

17 year old Thomas Armstrong from Newry in Ireland won this years International Open SW Fly Casting Championships,  at the CLA Gamefair (click for official results) in the UK. Thomas, using an ECHO Extreme Distance #8 Competition Rod, led from the first day out, with a best cast of 44.5m. On the second day the already bad weather turned to the worse; despite having to cast into strong winds Thomas won the second day with a cast of 36.88m and went on to win the competition as youngest caster ever.

This fantastic win by Thomas meant that ECHO (ED) has won the manufactuerers prize for the third time in 4 years:

2008 – Ruari Costello

2009 – Ruari Costello

2011 – Thomas Armstrong

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