ECHO Skagit Switch

Switch rods are designed more like a traditional single hand rod taper… they’re fast in the butt section and flex progressively through the tip giving the caster the ability to overhead cast them.  However, a Spey rod taper is typically slower in the butt section and faster through the tip section.  This allows the caster to form the D-Loop and change the direction of the cast without the rod wanting to unload too quickly. The load is sustained through the whole casting cycle until the cast goes outbound.  It’s the reason why Spey casting feels so good!

 Because switch rods want to unload quickly, you need to find a way to slow them down giving the caster the same sensation they get from their traditional Spey rod … after a lot of thought and a few prototypes, Tim Rajeff and Tom Larimer came up with the solution to the switch rod problem: The ECHO Skagit Switch.


The ECHO Skagit Switch is not a delicate line it has the aerodynamics of a bumble bee – it has a huge rear diameter and two-foot rear taper.  Might sound bad but this weird taper actually helps sustain the load on the rod giving the caster that oh-so sweeeeeet feeling of Spey casting we all love.  The front taper is a massive seven-foot wedge that turns over the largest tips and the heaviest of flies.  The ECHO Skagit Switch comes in seven different weights from 360gr/23g to 540gr/34g in 30gr/2g increments, and lengths from18ft/5.5m to 20ft/5.9m.
As with all ECHO Spey-Lines the front loop has the line size and line type printed on it for easy recognition. ECHO Spey-lines do not contain softener’s and are environmentally friendly.

Designed by ECHO’s Tim Rajeff with Tom Larimer

Manufactured by AirFlo in the UK
Distributed exclusively by BalticFlyFisher 😎


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