ECHO Skagit Compact Intermediate

The ECHO Skagit [Compact] Intermediate gets you below the surface into even flowing water, allowing for a smoother more direct fly presentation. Two tone in colour, the front taper and belly section are transparent blue intermediate, and the floating back taper is Heron grey. Featuring power core for direct contact and solid hook set, with Flexi-loops at both ends, and easy to read head size designation.


The ECHO Skagit Intermediate is available in eleven sizes from 390grains/25g to 720grains/47g and lengths of 21ft/6.4m to 24ft/7.3m.

In keeping with all other ECHO Spey-Lines, the Skagit Intermediate also has weight increments of 30grains/2g, enabling you to fine tune the line to your rod with ease and the front loop has the line size and line type printed on it for easy recognition. ECHO Spey-lines do not contain softener’s and are environmentally friendly.

Designed by ECHO’s Tim Rajeff, with Tom Larimer.
Manufactured by AirFlo in the UK.
Distributed exculsively by BalticFlyFisher. 😎

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