BFF on the road again … EWF Munich 21st & 22nd April

Its all go here at BFF, whilst most people are out chasing springers on the salmon rivers of  N.Europe, the BFF caravan is rolling gain this time towards the EWF in Munich, where we will have the complete range of ECHO Rods, reels and lines for you to see and try out – including hte brand new not yet available ECHO Kings.

On board are:

Katherine Hart – Tim Rajeffs partner and co-owner of ECHO (Rajeff Sports). Katherine is by the way a master caster (how else could it be with partner like hers!) and possesses the accredited FFF-MCI certificate. Katherine will be at hand to talk to you about Echo rods and casting she has also travelled the world fishing (what else), so she is more than competent to talk about all aspects of fly-fishing. Come and meet her.

Tim Rajeff – aka Mr ECHO will be giving some demo’s and a also couple of presentations on rod and line design – Like Katherine he will also be on our stand to talk to you about ECHO, casting and fishing in general.

Lasse  – AAPGAI and FFF Master. Lasse will be certifying potential FFF-Masters @ the FFF-Conclave (an “event within an event” held at the EWF) and will be generally messing about on one of the casting pools. Lasse is not just a very good coastal fly-fisher he is also an excellent tournament caster, winning the Danish championships many times,  top-ten placement at the world championships, second place at the CLA open and just recently he won the EDGE 2012 Championships in Stockholm. If you want to talk about coastal fishing or have problems with your casting Lasse is the one to talk to.

Silja  – FFF-CI, fisherwoman and very successful tournament caster: 2008 winner CLA women’s open; Danish Women’s Champion since 2010; Second, third and fourth place (different events) in World Champs 2010; Second Place (Spey casting)  Nordic Open 2011. Apart from that Silja is a very keen salmon fisher and mother. If you need some help with your casting (1hand, Spey, Skagit) talk to Silja.

Robyn – Silja and Lasse’s daughter – although she can only just walk she is already being used as a tester – in particular for the bite-resistance of lines.

Marcus – a few years ago Marcus was a normal guy, played basketball, supported St.Pauli drunk a beer or two that sort of thing …  then he married into our mad family. Since then he has given up basketball and St.Pauli (he still drinks a beer or two or three) and has taken up FlyFishing! He’s been bitten by the bug  so badly that he even bought a house just a short distance away from one of the best sea-trout rivers in N.Germany. Marcus loves stream fishing for Brownies and Sea Trout.

Annelie – aka “The Boss”. She makes sure that “things” are ok & looks after the “tea boy.”

Stuart – aka “The Tea Boy”. Apart from being the general dogsbody he’s here for the ride and to have a good time talking to customers and friends about fishing.


Ooops almost forgot. The EWF will be held at:

Kloster Fürstenfeld (just to the west of Munich)
Fürstenfeld 12
D-82256 Fürstenfeldbruck

and it is open on:

Staurday 20.04.2012 from 09:00 to 18:00
Sunday 21.04.2012 from 09:00 to 17:00

… and the link to the EWF official Website is just here.

We look forward to seeing you next weekend, until then ….

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  • Peter 25/04/2012   Reply →

    Great show and many thanks to Stuart, Annelie, Silja, Marcus and all other people on the Echo board.

    Tight lines

    • bff 25/04/2012   Reply →

      Thanks Peter, we all had a great time … glad you could manage to come along. Have a great start to the season.

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