BalticFlyfisher meets Scottish Salmon Adventure



BalticFlyfisher is happy to announce that from season 2017 we are starting a new business relationship with Scottish Salmon Fishing Surgery- better known as “SSFS”. SSFS offers tailored made salmon fishing holidays on many of Scotland’s finest and most exclusive salmon rivers.


The same as we are at BalticFlyfisher, SSFS is a family run business and was founded by husband and wife team Sandy and Samantha Datta, two ultimate salmon fishing nerds. SSFS started out as being a solely dedicated online salmon fishing magazine – Scotland’s only dedicate salmon fishing magazine. Soon the magazine became so popular and is now read in over 61 countries worldwide. Sandy and Samantha’s knowledge about fishing for salmon in Scotland as well as their network soon made them a sought-after contact: Where to fish for salmon? Which river was fishing well? How to get in contact to fish a certain Beat? The path was given and since 2015 the couple are offering bespoke tailored salmon fishing holidays.

Samantha Datta

Sandy Datta

We at BalticFlyfisher love the passion which lies behind Sandy’ and Samantha’s concept and our collaboration with SSFS will underline the notion of BalticFlyfisher being Europe’s #1 Skagit and Speycentre. Our goal is to make your fishing experience a better one and being professional about fly fishing and fly casting has just been enriched by SSFS.


We are looking forward to the next Salmon season. Did you know, it already starts in January- well at least in Scotland it does 😉 We will be back with some updates shortly. Until then, you can dream of the” Ultimate Scottish Salmon Fishing Experience” by SSFS and BalticFlyfisher – 2 fishing families.


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