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Casting a fly line  is a form of art. Seeing an expert controlling 25 metres of line with little effort and seeing it whizz out in a straight line to land lightly on the surface of the water is like seeing magic.

The whole thing is governed by timing, feel, rhythm and the controlled release of energy.

BalticFlyFisher offers high end casting instructions hosted by our own team of FFF and AAPGAI Certified Casting Instructors; Silja Longhurst (FFF CCI) and Lasse Karlsson (FFF MCI and BOG, AAPGAI MCI).

Silja – Flyfishing is her passion

Holding a degree in teaching and a Master title in Dance and Movement Analysis, it just comes natural for Silja to combine flyfishing and movement analysis. In her flycastingcourses she allways tries to teach her students the third dimension. Ever heard of the nexus between body, movement and space? Silja lives and teaches it.
In 2006 Silja became the first female Certified Casting Instructor in Europe within the Federation of Fly Fishers. Since then, she has been teaching between Hamburg and Copenhagen, giving casting courses for both keen single- and twohanded flyfishers. Silja also instructs regularly at the Copenhagen Flycasting Club and if she is not out teaching or fishing, you will probably find her competing in a Flycasting Competition.

Lasse – Flyfishing is Fun

Lasse has over 18 years teaching experience in flycasting and has been teaching all around the planet. At home he regularly teaches in the Copenhagen Flycasting Club (CFCC). His merits counts two highly recognized teaching certifications; the FFF Master and the AAPGAI Master. In 2007 Lasse became a member of the Board Of Governors in the Federation of Fly Fishers.  Together with the CFCC Lasse organised the first Danish Flycasting Championships in 2006.




BFF Course Program

The experienced we have gained from teaching several hundred clients to cast, has enabled us to break our program down into five types of course:

  • Basics – The Addiction Begins
  • Presentation- The Funky Stuff
  • Distance – Rock’n Roll Baby
  • Watercasts – Entering the 3rd Dimension
  • The Tailor – Your wishing Basket

These “types” cover all aspects of casting and cover the needs of the beginner, as well as intermediate and more experienced fly-casters and last not least for the really advanced caster training for a competition or preparing for certification. Our courses are available for the Single handed as well as the Double handed flyfishing-aficionado, for groups and individuals.

How To Reach Us

If we have whet your appetite and you would like to find out more, or you would like to book a course, then please click here for our contact form.

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