ECHO OHS – One Hand Spey

Tim Rajeff told us way back that he was going to introduce a One Hand Spey rod for the 2017 season and being as Spey/Skagit casting has become a very important part of my fishing enjoyment I was looking forward to getting my hands on one of the se new beasts. So when our box of 2017 samples arrived sometime at the beginning of July I dived in and grabbed the OHS and dissapeared off to my local sea trout stream to give it a try…

Whether casting sink tips with skagit style heads, floating scandi like heads for surface presentations or a full floating Double Taper (yes, you read correctly).  These rods do it and do it with ease.  By adding a haul during the spey cast you will be amazed and awed by the results.  These rods load deeper allowing the entire length of the rod to be utilized during the cast.  But don’t let that fool you, as it’s recovery is very quick for less rod bounce and fatigue. Once you discover how spey casting techniques open doors in your angling you will find yourself utilizing them in most all aspects of your fishing both two-hand and single-hand.  A natural progression that makes fishing with a fly even easier.

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