Follow the Spate- Chasing Wild Salmon in West Ireland

Follow the Spate

Chasing Wild Salmon in West Ireland

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In the mists beyond Scandinavia and Scotland there lies a forgotten paradise for the avid salmonflyfisher in search of the pure wild salmon: Ireland- the land of the little people where magic still exists. …Unspoilt rivers making their ways through pastured and unspoiled moor land; black but clear peaty waters rushing over rocky and solid riverbeds. Fishing on spate rivers is the most exciting fishing for Atlantic salmon there is. The water rises fast and depending on the size of the river it also falls fast again. It is the pure force of nature helping you read the water, letting you know when the salmon are running. Or at least when the timing is best. 😉 

A good time “spating” is after the summer. You have the rain coming into the country and by September the rivers are full of fish. This years hosted trip was dominated by a lot of rain which made the river Moy fishable only for 2 days. However, this opened the opportunity to fish the smaller spate rivers and streams where water levels where superb and indicated a good run of fresh Atlantic salmon. Wetting a fly in picturesque landscapes such as the solitary moorland of the “Owenduff” or the snugged in valley of the “Easkey”- home of fairies and leprechauns – is heaven, even more when your line finally tightens. 

Our thirst of catching wild salmon has definitely been quenched during our 1 week stay. We were able to land 8 fish; a couple were lost.

What else to do than celebrating a good day of salmon fishing and companionship the Irish way. Music, Guinness and good hearty Irish food embraces our passion fly fishing for wild salmon.